Are you someone that isn’t big on bourbon deep in Bourbon County? Well, you aren’t alone. Actually, Kentucky is home to over 60 wineries. Bullitt County, Kentucky, just 20 minutes from Louisville is the home to the world famous Jim Bean American Stillhouse, Four Roses Warehouse and Bottling Tour and four wineries. Here you can experience a taste of that deliciously famous Kentucky Straight Bourbon and four delectable up-and-coming wineries. The Bullitt County Bourbon and Wine Trail, offers a little something for everyone. It only stretches nine miles. When on the tour, you receive a passport to get stamped at each stop. Once the trail has been completed and passports stamped, stop into Cattleman’s Roadhouse for some of the best stake in the area and a complementary glass.

The first stop is, Brooks Hill Winery, is only a few miles of I-65. The little winery up the hill, is home to Mike and Karen Hatzell and their labradoodle, Lili. The family has been making delightful wines since 2007.

Once you come down the hill, the next stop is the award winning, Milla Nova Winery. This family ran business was started in an Italian immigrant’s kitchen in the 1920’s. Today the winemaker Raymond Meyer is the only winemaker in the country to have won – Best of Show Amateur Division (twice), Wine Maker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition and National American Wine Society Amateur Wine Competition. These competitions have entries from all around the world.

Just a few miles down the road, you will stumble upon Bullitt County’s oldest vineyard and winery, Wight-Meyer Vineyard and Winery. Since their opening in 1996, the vineyard has grown to 2.5 acres of the best grapes Kentucky has to offer. The family owned business opens their doors to wine lovers 7 days a week.

If you head south, you will run into Forest Edge Winery. Come as strangers…leave as friends. This small winery has dozens of different red, white and specialty wines. They always have their build available to rent for various events. This small time winery is the best place to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful Kentucky views.

For all the bourbon lovers, the will be your favorite part of the trail. From Forest Edge Winery, you will head just down the road to the world famous Jim Bean American Stillhouse. The self -guided gives you a firsthand look at how the world’s best bourbon is made.

The last stop of the trail is at the Four Roses Warehouse and Bottling Tour. Here visitors will get a chance to see the aging process and how every bottle get tabled and filled with the amazing Four Roses Bourbon. Visitors will also get to taste all of their products in their newly remodeled 2,500-square-feet Visitor Center.