Georgetown, Kentucky is known for many things, one of them being their bright culinary scene. In the heart of Georgetown exists Local Feed, a restaurant offering tourists and locals a high-quality dining experience. If you haven’t had a meal at Local Feed in Georgetown, KY, and are presented with the opportunity, take the time to do so. There are so many reasons you’ll want to eat at this respected farm-to-table establishment.

Local Feed and Georgetown/Scott County Tourism will be hosting the Seed to Feed Dinner Series, which was established just last year. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience what owner and chef Justin Thompson creates in Local Feed, all while trying different takes on authentic Kentucky cuisine in different locations around Georgetown.  

What is the Farm-to-Table Movement?

If you’re unfamiliar, the farm to table movement has really taken off in recent years, and it’s no wonder as to why. Farm-to-table (also sometimes called farm-to-fork) refers to having few steps come between fresh ingredients and the meal that’s placed in front of you. The middle-man is cut out — the produce and livestock used hasn’t been shipped across the country; rather, local farms are supported by the restaurant. Because of this, ingredients and produce are at their peak freshness. Not only do these factors make for a meal that tastes amazing, but one you can feel good about, as well. Food transportation costs and pollution have been reduced, and eating locally-sourced ingredients means that you’re helping to support smaller farms and the local economy.

The 2017 Seed to Feed Dinner Series: Eat Well and Support Local Causes

Photo Credit: Memories by Chris

The Seed to Feed Dinner Series is an amazing event happening once a month from July-October. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to attend at least one of these feasts, each taking place in a different location in historic Georgetown. Enjoy a unique dinner with an atmosphere to match.

In the Seed to Feed Dinner Series, Justin Thompson, owner of Local Feed, partners with other well-known chefs from around the area to prepare that evening’s dinner menu. Each night includes a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres.

Some highlights of each of the upcoming months include:


Chef Justin Thompson partners with chefs Andrew Suthers and Kyle Klatka of Gastro Gnomes Food Truck, located in Lexington, KY at Country Boy Brewing: Georgetown Taproom.


Chef Justin Thompson partners with chef Dan Wu of Atomic Ramen from Lexington, KY at Yuko-En on the Elkhorn.


Chef Justin Thompson partners with chef Mark Jensen of Middle Fork Kitchen Bar from Lexington, KY at Royal Spring Park.


Chef Justin Thompson partners with chef Philip Cronin of Succotash from Washington DC at Old Friends Retired Thoroughbred Farm.

Attending The 2017 Seed to Feed Dinner Series

Photo Credit: Memories by Chris

If you’re interested in attending a 2017 Seed to Feed Dinner Series, visit Local Feed Kentucky to purchase a ticket and to view more of each month’s highlights. Dinners range in price from $50 to $100, depending on what will be offered for the evening. You can purchase a dinner package to attend all four evenings for a discounted price.

What The Seed to Feed Dinner Supports

Photo Credit: Memories by Chris

Proceeds and donations from the 2017 Seed to Feed Dinner Series support a number of local non-profit charities located in Scott County. The charities include Ward Hall Preservation Foundation, Scott County Habitat for Humanity, Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, Royal Spring Park, and Old Friends Retired Thoroughbred Farm.

It’s fitting that these non-profit organizations partner with Local Feed, a restaurant that has made supporting local as a part of their brand. Chef Justin Thompson and Georgetown/Scott County Tourism hope to see you at one of their 2017 Kentucky Proud Seed to Feed Dinners.

Why Local Feed?

Local Feed is serving up unique food concepts amidst the rich and historic Georgetown, KY. With their brunch, dinner, and dessert menus, as well as their extensive bourbon list and craft cocktails, Local Feed is a restaurant for foodies, locals, families, friends, and more.

Dinner Menu Highlights

Photo Credit: Steve Hockensmith

On the dinner menu, some of what you will find includes small plates (one features roasted beets with Kenny’s farmhouse bleu, pickled red onions, and arugula oil), fried chicken, steaks, suppers (chicken ‘n dumplings with roasted vegetables and herbed jus) sides, sandwiches (KY blue catfish with slaw, pickles, and hot sauce), and desserts (apple pie with butter pecan ice cream).     

Brunch Menu Highlights

Their brunch menu features small plates (brussels sprouts, mustard cream, and bacon and a farm egg), meals (chicken ‘n waffles – roasted chiles, Kentucky maple), and “Add-on” items (biscuits, farm fresh eggs, hashbrowns, and more).   

It’s in the Name — Local

Because ingredients are locally sourced, Local Feed is able to have seasonal specials on their dinner, brunch, and dessert menus, daily. This makes for a unique experience every time you decide to enjoy a meal at Local Feed. See their full dinner and brunch menus here.