With Atlanta being not only Georgia’s capital, but most populous city as well, there is a lot to explore when dropping in to visit. Sometimes it feels like there is so much to see that you’re not sure where to get started. If this is the case for you, don’t worry–we’ve got you covered. Take a look at a few places we suggest seeking out when taking your next trip to Atlanta.

Roam the Zoo

Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh, my! Open 363 days of the year, the Atlanta zoo has a lot to offer for those who have never visited before. Learn more about the wildlife by talking to the animal keepers themselves or just examine the several different exhibits. The zoo covers all sorts of animals including amphibians, birds, reptiles, and mammals. Watch the animals roam around in their natural habitat or even take a look up close, but not too personal. The Atlanta zoo is perfect to take the whole family to or to have an informal date at. There are even events constantly going on that you can be a part of while you’re in town. To make the most of your day at the zoo, consider going online to create an itinerary completely free! You’ll be thankful for it later. 

Under the Sea

After spending your day at the zoo, the fun doesn’t have to stop! You can check out even more animals that have a much different habitat: the ocean. The Georgia Aquarium is known for being the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, housing more than a hundred thousand animals. Take a look at their most notable specimens including whale sharks, beluga whales, manta rays, and more! You can also watch the dolphins in action at their live shows or take a look at “behind the sea” tours. The aquarium has everything you need to make family night or date night a roaring success. Check out more information on the aquarium and go visit it today! 

Tour the Coke Factory
Chances are you have experienced the cold, refreshing taste of Coca-Cola at some point in your life. Now you are able to explore the history behind the famous drink including how it’s made, packaged, and sent off. The Coca-Cola factory, located near Centennial Olympic Park, is a must see for those who love the drink or just the taste of a refreshing drink in general. Explore their different exhibits including their popular coke tasting area that hosts different sodas from around the world. You will quickly learn that not all sodas taste the same. After you have satisfied your taste buds, you can go take a look at their legendary vault which holds the secret formula to creating Coca-Cola that many have been trying to figure out for years. For a place that has 24 million guests across the span of 25+ years, you’ll understand why the Coke Factory is on our list.

Explore the Botanical Garden

Spreading 30 acres adjacent to the Piedmont Park, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is an extraordinary sight that visitors must see. The garden is composed of several different smaller themed gardens including a Japanese garden, rose garden, and formal garden. While visiting, you can walk across the 600-foot long Canopy Walk that spreads across the remains of one of the city’s last urban forests. The Atlanta Botanical Garden even hosts several different events, most notably concerts and cocktail parties you’ll be sure to remember long after you’ve left. During the summer, you can cool the kids off at the Splash Pad or even play around yourself. There is a lot that the garden has to offer you! Take a look at their many garden events and start your exploration today! 

Honorable Mentions

There is a whole lot that Atlanta has to offer that can’t all fit on this list. Here are a few more things we felt should still be recognized as places you must visit when you get the chance:

  • Fox Theatre
  • Museums (Children’s Museum of Atlanta, High Museum of Art, Atlanta History Center, etc.)
  • SkyView Atlanta
  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
  • Turner Field

To find out more about places you should visit throughout the South, be sure to check out RollnSouth’s Facebook page! We know all the best places for you to start your adventure.