Early Kentuckians have put their commonwealth on the map by continuing a 200 year old tradition of crafting the best bourbon this world has ever seen.  In 1964 U.S. Congress named bourbon, America’s Native Spirit, but it wasn’t until 1999 when the Kentucky Distiller’s Association formed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This is where nine different distilleries open up their doors to visitors from all over the world to come and see exactly what makes their bourbon great.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail website encourages visitors to take 3 days to complete the entire tour. On the website you will find there are lots of different routes to take and ways to get there. If you are feeling adventurous there are cycling maps, which take you down less traveled roads. Also, different routes if you prefer driving your own car, but if you are wanted to have a good time and aren’t sure about driving, the Mint Julep Tours will gladly take you and your friends to every stop on the tour. They also have experienced drivers that are able to show you a few must see stops between distilleries.


Evan Williams is the 2nd largest selling Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in the world. During the tour of the first commercial distillery, you will see their 675,000 barrels of aging whiskey.

Jim Beam- This tour gives you a glimpse to a 215 year old tradition. Visitors are given a chance to see a simple grain transformed into a signature drink.  Also, all you will be able to taste every single of their 12 different bourbons.

Maker’s Mark- Their new tour gives a behind the scene look at the inner workings of their distillery process and the history behind their iconic red wax.

Wild Turkey- Taste the 16 different bourbons offered, along with their signature 101 proof bourbon.