Do you or someone you know have a deep appreciation for the arts and want to dig a little deeper into the craft? You’re in luck! The 24th annual Art Studio Tour is returning to Rutherford County, TN, for two days only and has everything an art lover could wish for. For no price at all, you can explore the studios that produced the finest forged iron, pottery, stained glass, weaving, woodwork, fine jewelry, functional home accessories, and more in the Stones River area. Get your things ready for November 18th and 19th where you will have the opportunity to find all of this along the Art Studio Tour.

Meet the Creators Behind Your Favorite Piece

When you attend the Art Studio Tour, you are not only taking a look at various studios but also meeting the artists/craftsmen themselves. For many, they see a piece of art that has a name attached to it but that’s all they know. On the tour, you get to know more about the person behind their work instead of reading about them. Hear their story firsthand about how they got started in the creative world or just about themselves in general. Take photos with them, get tips and tricks, or even meet their family. You won’t have an experience like this anywhere else.

Get An Intimate Look At Their Studio

One of the best features of the tour is that you are able to actually see and walk around all the different studios. The artists invite you into their space that they spend so much of their time in and let you see how their process works. No one studio is the same as it reflects the artist’s unique personality as well as craftwork. You will find that some are large studios tucked away in the woods while others are in a store in the city. For art lovers, having this intimate opportunity is one that you won’t forget. Take a look at which studios you will find on the tour and start planning your itinerary today.

Learn How The Artists Work

You see the final product most of the time but when on the tour, you get to see pieces be made right in front of you. Many artists provide demonstrations inside their studio where they work best for all the members in the tour. You can see how handcrafted jewelry is created, how blacksmiths forge strips of metal into art, how woodworkers carve out their artwork, and even how pottery artists take their clay and mold it into several different objects (household and decor). By seeing their skills at work firsthand, you will learn something new and maybe pick up a new hobby!

Buy Their Unique Crafts

Maybe you have been on the tour and already know there is an item you really love. Maybe you have never been on the tour but find an art piece that you have to have. No matter the situation, you will be in luck because the artists will be selling some of their previous work (or maybe even current) just for you. Once the tour is over, you can still take a piece with you to remember. Not to mention with the holidays coming up, you can snag a unique and crafty gift for your loved one!

Roam Around Rutherford County

Although the tour is about exploring the artist’s studio, you can also take the time to explore Rutherford County as well. Because all the studios are in different locations, you will find different aspects of this part of Tennessee. Some tours take you far away out into the country while others are in the heart of the city. No matter where you go, take the time to learn more about the area which is especially beautiful during the fall season.

As someone who has been to this event three years in a row and plans on going back for more, believe me when I say you will kick yourself for not going. The Rutherford County Art Studio Tour is perfect for anyone at any age, whether you are a lover of art of just interested in the craft. If you want to discover more weekend trips that you won’t forget like the studio tour, be sure to follow Roll’n South to get all the latest news.