If any place in the world holds the crown for King of Barbeque, Memphis steals that title. And who sits among the elite? Rendezvous Ribs. World famous, and locally admired, Rendezvous has gained quite a reputation among all different crowds. Charlie Vergos, the owner of the rib establishment, knows the icon he has created for the Memphis community. He is quoted as saying, “Not since Adam has a rib been this famous”. His boldness is matched by the flavors Rendezvous chooses, as it stands itself apart from other barbeque spots by using a dry rub seasoning instead of a traditional sauce.
Not only creating buzz RIBS.1around their fall off the bone ribs, Rendezvous is eager to lend a hand to the growing Memphis community. With successful events such as the Rendezvous at the Zoo, supporting the award winning Memphis Zoo, and Rendezvous at the Dixon, an annual fundraiser for the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Rendezvous has proven that it is as passionate about its community as it is it’s cuisine. Vergos being named a Downtowner of the Decade in 2001 solidifies itself as a staple in the Memphis culinary scene.

The iconic rib joint is located in their very own alley, Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous Alley. The Alley is between Second & Third St and between Union & Monroe. You can always just follow the delicious smoky aroma from the Peabody Hotel if you are ever unsure of where to go.rend.table

Can’t make it to Memphis anytime soon? No worries, they ship! Seriously. At www.hogsfly.com you can read up more on the Rendezvous traditions, and look into getting them shipped straight to your doorstep. Nothing screams a Southern Summer BBQ more than a rack of Rendezvous Ribs grilling in your own backyard.