Are you ready to take the plunge? No matter where you’re located in the South, there’s surely a Polar Plunge that you can be a part of this year. If you’re not afraid of the cold, give it your all at one of these exciting events.

About the Polar Plunge 

The Polar Plunge takes place throughout the world and across the United States. In the U.S., Polar Plunges are held for a charitable cause––the Special Olympics organization in the state in which the plunge takes place. To participate, people have a designated amount of money to raise before the event. 

Polar Plunge events take place beginning in early February with some happening as late as mid-March. Which Polar Plunge will you be a part of in 2017? 


Choose from nine cities to participate in throughout the month of February.  


Catch one of their next four plunges! 


Take the plunge at Acworth Beach. 


There are 3 plunges to choose from going into late March. 


Whether you choose Panama, Orlando, or Jacksonville, a Florida plunge is sure to be exciting.  

Get Involved Today

Sign up for one of the Polar Plunges above and get to fundraising, so you can participate on the big day! Have fun and feel good about your contribution to the Special Olympics.