Poke Salad Festival in Blanchard, LA is an annual celebration named after the plant Pokeweed, which grows in Louisiana and other parts of the United States. Poke Salad Festival honors this plant and brings people together from Blanchard and the greater Louisiana area for a wonderful celebration in May. The 43rd annual Poke Salad Festival is happening May 8th through the 13th, 2017. Below are just a few of the attractions the festival brings to Blanchard. 

An Annual Treasure Hunt

Be on the lookout for clues that will be released on television, the radio, in the newspaper, and more. These are all a part of the Poke Salad Treasure Hunt, where you’ll have a chance to win a $1000 prize. The treasure hunt begins on the first day of the festival, Monday, May 8th. 

Carnival Rides 

Thursday through Saturday you’ll be able to purchase an all-you-can-ride wristband that’s good for a four-hour time period, depending on when you make the purchase. Individual tickets for rides are also available. 

The Poke Salad Parade

On the final day of the festival, Saturday, May 13th, a parade makes its way through downtown Blanchard with floats from local businesses, schools, and more. You don’t want to miss this fun celebration. Everyone is invited to participate in the parade, so be sure to complete a parade entry form if you’re a local looking to showcase your group/organization. A bonus to being in the parade is that the best float wins a $250 prize! 

About the Pokeweed Plant 

Pokeweed is a plant that is both edible and medicinal in use. Different parts of the plant are comparable in terms of flavor to other more commonly known vegetables. While certain parts are edible, Pokeweed berries are poisonous but were commonly used as a dye because of their rich purple color. This plant has a deep history and was used to treat many different ailments by Native Americans.