Have a passion for learning about Japanese culture but don’t have the funds to travel? Don’t stress! On September 16th and 17th, the annual JapanFest will be coming to Duluth, Georgia, and they are bringing a massive festival. From great food, to professional entertainment, this festival has everything you need to visit Japan without leaving the states, all for $10. So get your bags packed and ready to experience Japan in a completely new way! Here’s what you can expect when you get there.

Interactive Performances

One major feature that Japan is known for is their grand performances. For their culture, and several others, performing is an art that is best experienced with others. Each performance is carefully crafted to convey powerful and emotional messages that will captivate you from beginning to end. At JapanFest, you will be able to experience the art firsthand rather than just hearing about it. This year they will have several exciting features that include the popular Taiko drums, Shamisen, Bunraku puppetry, an anime theme singer, and so much more! To learn more about the performances, as well as their schedules, be sure to download the JapanFest phone app. It will make your experience much easier.

Authentic Food

For two straight days, authentic Japanese food will take over the traditional southern comfort foods. JapanFest will feature the best cuisine Japan has to offer from local restaurants and more. Each vendor will have a menu that will make your mouth water and let your taste buds come to life. If you are a fan of roll sushi, bento boxes, ramen noodles, curry rice, yakisoba, and more, you need to stop by! With all these tasty treats, you’ll never want the festival to end. So drop your forks and pick up those chopsticks to experience Japanese food the way it should be. Check out the vendor menus to go ahead and get a head start on planning your meal.


A festival isn’t a festival without shopping options, and thankfully, JapanFest has it all. You can explore the Ginza Street, named after Tokyo’s famous shopping district, that has everything for your shopping needs. Stop in to try out different traditional Japanese clothing or purchase soothing Japanese tea to take home with you. There are even treats like masks and accessories the kids would love to have. But the shopping options don’t end there. On Sunday, the Bazaar will open up where you will find unique items gathered by Japanese families including Manga, books, and household goods. Even though the festival won’t last forever, their handmade goods carefully crafted just for you will remain.

Anime Village

For anime lovers, you won’t want to miss out on this festival. JapanFest’s Anime Village will be hosted this year by Momocon, Atlanta’s biggest anime/animation/gaming convention. With that being said, you know you’ll have a good time. Come explore the village and meet the voice of Sailor Moon, listen to anime theme singers, try out the tasty foods you’ve seen in your favorite anime, and even show off your cosplay! The South is where you need to be in order to finally live out your favorite anime like you’ve always wanted. See what all they have in store for you at the anime village

JapanFest is a unique celebration that you and your loved ones cannot miss. It provides an experience for everyone, from those who are familiar with the culture or those who are looking to explore. Come to Duluth, Georgia and visit one of the biggest Japanese Festivals in the Southeast! You will be glad that you did.