Tip Number 2: Identify yourself, campsite, and friends.

At the farm, they call them Totems -something unique and portable to identify yourself in a crowd. Most people use flags, balloons, or bandannas to get spotted in the crowd. Get creative and reuse old pillowcases or towels to make sure your totem is one of a kind. There are pretty strict rules about the totems you have on your person while you are inside the main venues.  The rules clearly state that the totems must be no taller than 6 feet, and no thicker than 1/2 inch. Must be made of light material: swim noodles, foam type material, cardboard tubes, fabric, paint, string, yarn, light plastic, balloons and/or blow up items. Totems made of wood, metal and/or PVC material will NOT be allowed. This includes flag poles and heavy sticks. So leave those flagpoles at base camp.

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