It’s time to make plans for the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival in Ridgeland Mississippi this Spring! Did you know that the Festival is actually more like three festivals in one? That means three times the fun, three times the art, and three times the memories. But this isn’t just about fine arts. We’re talking about international wines sampling, endless rides through the best cycling routes of Mississippi, and so much more for the whole family to enjoy.

Can you feel the Spring in the air yet? Colder temperatures are about to be a thing of the past as things start to heat up in Mississippi. That means that it’s the perfect time to explore after being trapped inside during the endless Winter. April 7th is the day when everything is going to come into full bloom because that’s when this exciting Festival begins. This is the stunning 10th anniversary of the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival, which was awarded as one of the Top 20 Events by the Southeast Tourism Society.

Here, you’re going to find something that the whole family can enjoy. It lasts for the entire weekend, but you’re going to find that’s just not enough time to see all the sights, taste all the flavors, and soak up all the fun. Take your time when you’re at the Festival, because you’re going to see that in Mississippi, there’s just a whole different pace to life. Let’s take a sneak peak of what’s in store for you this year.



Why does the Festival require so much space? Because like we mentioned, it’s actually three festivals rolled into one. That’s why it’s located on the stunning Renaissance Colony Park grounds, so there’s plenty of room for all the events and shows. The stunning design and architecture of the park was influenced by European and Mediterranean styles, so even just the park itself is worth the visit.

The open-air center plays host to a number of major luxury stores, if you’re in the mood for shopping while you’re in Mississippi. And we’re sure that you’re going to be in the mood for shopping when you see all the fine art that the festival has to offer. Is the festival rain or shine? You needn’t even ask that question, as Ridgeland, Mississippi is famous for its temperate climate that hovers around 79 degrees and a low of 53 in April. Prepare yourself to soak up the sun.


What to Do

This Fine Arts Festival is about the arts, of course. But it’s also about so much else! Ridgeland has a lot to offer visitors, so you’re going to want to do some exploring. Professional artists from across America descend upon this region of Mississippi to share their remarkable creations. Simply stroll from booth to booth and enjoy the creativity. You’re going to be amazed by the different media, including jewelry, glass, clay, pastels, fiber, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and even fine oil paintings. In the mood for something less traditional? Be sure to check out the mixed media art.


There’s nothing like admiring a fine piece of art and then meeting the artist in person. That’s what makes this festival so unique. Talk to the artists and ask them how they bring their creations to life. Love to see local art but don’t have time to travel? This festival brings together artists from all over the country into one place. It’s like experiencing the best of American art, all within the span of one weekend.

Be sure to check out the student art gallery where you see upcoming artists who have created pieces in various mediums. Talk to high schoolers in the area and see what vision they have for the art of the future. Do you have small children? The children’s craft corner is a perfect place for them to get paint on their hands and start creating! With tons of fun activities for them to choose from, they’re going to be inspired by the artistic spirit that they see around them. You can get the whole family to start expressing themselves.


Race and Sip

What goes together better than running and wine? Okay, maybe not at the same time. But if you’re a runner, you’re going to really enjoy the 5K race, and it will help to motivate you knowing that you can sip on fine wine when you’re done. The 5K race kicks off the festival on Friday, then on Saturday and Sunday Mississippi’s largest wine and culinary extravaganza begins. The Sante South Wine Festival is something that you’ll not soon forget.


Be sure to purchase your tickets online today as people are going to be flocking towards those international and local wines faster than you can imagine. To accompany your food and drink, there’s also live music to get you dancing on your feet. And trust us, you’re going to be eating so much of that gourmet food that you’re going to need to work it off. The band is there to set the tone, and you can smile knowing that the proceeds of the festival go to the Alzheimers Mississippi foundation.


Ride a Bike

If you already are thinking that there’s so much to do that you’ll never accomplish it all, then we’ll take it a step further. It’s time to jump on a tandem bike. The 4th annual One Behind the Other (OBO) Tandem Rally is an experience that is entirely unique to Mississippi. Enjoy the very best cycling routes with your partner. The weather shall be glorious, so you’re going to be amazed at the beautiful sights that surround you. And hey, after your bike ride, why not have another glass of wine? You’ve earned it.


Where to Stay

There’s so much to do at the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival that you’re going to want to stay overnight and do it all again the next day. Luckily, Ridgeland is known for its fine hospitality and wonderful hotels. Go online and book today as hotels fill up quickly.

No matter what brings you to the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival, you’re going to find that you just can’t get enough. It’s got something for everyone, including art, wine, gourmet food, classes, running, cycling, and just general good cheer. Be sure to check out the Mississippi Craft-Center and Ridgeland Retail Trail.


There’s so much to explore, and so many fun memories to be had when you come out to Mississippi this Spring. Shake off those Winter blues and see how fun it can be to live artistically. For additional information about the festival and Ridgeland Mississippi, visit