The winter season is known for being one of the most wonderful times of the year, unless you are an outdoor lover. With the weather being too cold to go out and explore for a long period of time, you are left with very limited activities. Thankfully, there is glamping for both the indoor and outdoor lover that you can take advantage of any season. Even the winter! If you have never experienced Asheville’s glamping, here is what you can expect.

What Is Glamping?

It may have an odd name, but glamping is actually a very fun activity that anybody can enjoy. Glamping got its name from being known as “glamorous camping,” meaning that it takes the typical idea of camping and enhances the experience for even an indoor lover. When people go on a camping trip they typically think of sleeping in the outdoors under a tent surrounded by the wilderness with lots of bug spray in handy. While you are still surrounded by the wilderness when glamping, you don’t have to suffer from the cold temperature drops when night rolls around. Instead, you will be staying in a quirky place that has electricity pumping warm or cold air, so you remain comfortable any season. With the heated space, you can sleep peacefully knowing you won’t freeze. But it is recommended to still bring bug spray with you.

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Book Your Stay

Typically, when camping you bring a tent or a camper along with you. When glamping, you choose a unit to sleep in with more options than tents. Instead, you can choose from a mini or large dome, a yurt, tipi, and more. They all come with different amenities including showers, Wi-Fi, television, and even a kitchen for you to enjoy. No matter which unit you choose, you will enjoy the unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. Keep in mind that when booking your unit, you must stay a minimum of two nights with no exceptions. Spots fill up quickly so if you want to go glamping at a certain time, book now! They suggest that you do so 2-4 months in advance.

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What to Bring

Glamping in the winter is slightly different than in any other season, so when packing your bags, you might have to bring different items. While your packing list may vary depending on what amenities are included in your unit, the following are what you typically pack:

· Slide-on shoes: While the units do come with a shower, the bathhouse is typically separate, meaning you will have to walk to them. Instead of putting on tennis shoes to travel to the bathhouse only to take them off, consider packing slip-on shoes that will make the experience easier.

· Warm clothes: This one might be obvious but sometimes people don’t think to pack a warm coat when they are in a climate-controlled environment. Chances are you may not be staying in your warm unit all day and will go explore the area. Because the weather will be cold, bring the right clothing.

· Bottled water: When you book your unit, you might notice that some units do not come with running water. Therefore, bringing your own bottle might be for the best.

· Snacks: Usually your unit will already be filled with these, but in case they don’t have your favorites, bring some tasty snacks along with you.

· Fire pit materials: Glamping is still camping which means there should be some fun fireside memories. Even if it is in the winter, you can still make s’mores and other tasty treats. Be sure to bring along the right materials including a fire starter, graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, hot dogs, and more!

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What to Do in Your Unit

Typically, when people go glamping they don’t stay in their unit the entire time. However, you can still hang out and have tons of fun with your friends/family before exploring the area. This can especially be true for the winter season when you might actually want to spend time inside. Here is what you can do!

· Play games together: Feel free to bring along some of your favorite games whether it be board games, video games, or cards. Some of the units already come with games for everyone to enjoy so you might even find a new favorite!

· Unwind with a good book: Your unit will also more than likely be furnished with books for you to enjoy as well. You can choose from their selection or bring your own. It’s the perfect activity for when you have downtime.

· Have a Netflix marathon: Some units come with a smart TV which allows you access to Netflix. Search for your favorites shows/movies and make it a marathon night you won’t forget.

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Explore Asheville

Luckily, glamping is hosted in one of the coolest cities. There are tons of things you can try and explore when you are not in your unit. If you are looking for something to do around in Asheville, consider visiting these local places.

· Asheville Salt Caves

· Asheville Pinball Museum

· Haunted Asheville Tour

· Hole Doughnuts

· River Arts District

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