As fall finally settles in over the eastern part of Tennessee and winter just around the corner, you may find yourself wanting to go on a road trip to explore what the mountains have to offer before the weather turns too harsh. It is a great time to not only take in the outdoors but also take part in different events scattered around the Smokies. With so many to choose from, it can be daunting trying to discover the best option. However, for those in search of something exciting that involves spirits and tasty foods, there is only one place best suited for your trip: the Grains & Grits festival.

Located in Townsend, TN, the quieter side of the Smokies, the grand festival allows for attendees from all over the world to come and taste the finest distilleries. From fresh drinkers to seasoned samplers, this event is meant for all backgrounds (as long as you are of legal age). The location of the event may be in a small town, but the many modern features give the festival a bigger city feel. When planning your travel down to the Historic Townsend Visitors Center for the festival, just know that all of this will be waiting for you.

A Day Filled with Sampling Spirits

For those who enjoy a nice drink, you need to mark your calendars for the Grains & Grits festival. There you will find several of the finest distilleries and breweries from all over Tennessee. With their intimate tastings, you can sip on flavored whiskeys and bourbon that will all leave you wanting more. Sample from their classic flavors such as blackberry, cherry, apple pie, straight, and more. One way to really enhance the taste of your whiskey is by simply adding a drop of water to your drink. Try out this old trick with one of the samples from the several distillers at the festival.

Try Out Local and Other Fine Foods

The distilleries/breweries are not the only local feature in the festival. Local restaurants can also be found at Grains & Grits along with those who are not familiar with the town. No matter where the food comes from, it will leave a savory taste in your mouth well paired with your drink. Take a look at the different restaurants to choose from below and start planning out your meal!

A Chance to Meet the Professionals

Crafting the right drink takes time, skill, and a lot of creativity from the right distiller. At the Grains & Grits festival, you can meet the faces behind your favorite drink including Jack Daniels’ seventh master distiller, Jeff Arnett. This will be the only time that he and all the other distillers will come together, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about what it takes to create the perfect drink. You won’t be able to get this information anywhere else.

Enjoy Live Entertainment and More Fun

A festival in Tennessee is not complete without music. Grains & Grits is no exception to this rule where instead they have live entertainment for everyone. Enjoy the live entertainment as you walk around the festival or dance along to the music. If you don’t feel like dancing, just do a little more sampling. You might find a sudden inspiration. Or if you are wanting a more laid back but fun time, feel free to bring outdoor games for you and your friends/family to enjoy.

Explore the Peaceful Side of the Smokies

One of the benefits of having a festival located in the Great Smoky Mountains is that there is so much you can explore. Take time before or after your trip to adventure around the peaceful parts of the mountains by taking advantage of these trails. Just make sure that you haven’t sampled too much before you begin your travel.

Ride the TN Whiskey Trail

If you are not ready for the festival to end, especially if you are a whiskey lover, don’t worry! You can look into even more distilleries by riding along the TN Whiskey Trail. The path runs through west, middle, and eastern Tennessee to highlight some of the finest distilleries for whiskey lovers to enjoy. Plan your trip today by taking a look at what the trail has to offer you.

Make sure to purchase tickets for Grains & Grits festival on November 4th for drinks, food, fun, and tons more! And if you are thinking about exploring more of the South, check in with Roll N South for more information on upcoming adventures!