65 bands, 3 days, 1 unforgettable experience. Get your costumes prepped and ready (and don’t be shy on the glitter eyeliner) because Voodoo Music + Art festival is coming October 27th-29th and it’s ready to celebrate Halloween. This fun festival located down in New Orleans, one of America’s biggest party destinations, has everything a music and art lover is looking for. From great food to fun activities, you won’t ever have another Halloween experience like this.

Scary Good Music

voodoo music and arts festival line up Y

Voodoo’s lineup this year that is so good, it’s almost scary. If you are ready to celebrate Halloween with your favorites like Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, The Killers, and DJ Snake, then mark your calendars–you’re going to Voodoo. No matter what your favorite genre of music is, Voodoo has what you seek. From popular artists to up-and-coming bands, it’s all there waiting for you. Make this a weekend you won’t forget. View the rest of the lineup to see who is coming south.

Fun Tricks

voodoo music and arts festival ferris wheel

While the band is getting their mic check, you can explore the festival to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Every year Voodoo celebrates the arts by installing work from different renowned artists around the grounds for you to observe and take in. And if that isn’t enough, you can purchase artwork at the Market Place to take home with you. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. The festival also includes more thrills such as amusement parks, the Haunted Mortuary, Brew Dat Beer Hall, and more. Take advantage of all the free giveaways and attractions that will make you wish the weekend never ended.

Tasty Treats

voodoo music and arts festival treats

New Orleans is not only a great spot for the festival but is home to wonderful cuisine as well. When you are ready to refuel, be sure to venture to the Forked Up Food Court to try out all the tasty treats they have to offer. Whether you are looking for traditional dishes or something that fits into your diet restrictions, Voodoo has the right options for you.


voodoo music and arts festival costume

We know you have a costume hiding in your closet that you are ready to bust out. At Voodoo festival, they not only allow it, they encourage it. Halloween isn’t celebrated properly until you are dressed to impress (or scare). Check out a few looks we suggest when getting ready for Voodoo.

Creep Around New Orleans

Do yourself a favor by exploring New Orleans before or after the festival. With the city being around for almost 300 years, it is rich with history and more. Although it is known to be a party destination, it also is home to some of the most terrifying haunted houses. If you truly wanted to make your Halloween weekend in New Orleans a spooky yet fun experience, take a look around before hitting the interstate. For suggestions on the best haunted attractions, take a look at our blog post to find your next spooky adventure.

If you are ready to join thousands of others at Voodoo Music + Arts Festival, buy your ticket today before planning your road trip. And if you are in need of more adventures in the south, be sure to check in with Roll’n South. We’ve got you covered.