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13 Tips to Help You Survive Bonnaroo in 2019

Survive Bonnaroo in 2019

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Enjoy Nature this Summer by Tubing and Biking at the Smoky Mountain Outdoor Center

If you go to the Smoky Mountains for some outdoor adventure, the Smoky Mountain Outdoor Center should be one of your first stops. There you have a choice to either go tubing down the Little River or go biking on the scenic nature bike trails of Townsend with beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains. The […]

6 Events You Won’t Want to Miss at 2017’s Summer on Broadway

This summer, on the weekend of June 23rd and 24th, Friday and Saturday, come away from the fast-paced side of the Smoky Mountains and spend your weekend in Blount County for the Summer on Broadway celebration. Summer on Broadway includes a series of outdoor events unique to the region and the season, such as Maryville’s […]

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3 Reasons You Should Go on a Sunday Bountiful Brunch Tour

Are you getting bored in your own city of Knoxville? Or do you just want to visit Knoxville but aren’t sure what to do when you get there? Instead of doing the same old things or even waste a day looking for something to do, make plans for a late Sunday brunch to explore some […]

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Out & About: Southern Mexican Fusion

In a new series, Roll’n South is going to give you the 411 on the new trends going on in culinary and travel. We will feature one restaurant or business that we think are killing it, and show you some cool recipes or ideas to try at home!

In this week’s edition of Out and About […]

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The Bourbon Trail

Early Kentuckians have put their commonwealth on the map by continuing a 200 year old tradition of crafting the best bourbon this world has ever seen.  In 1964 U.S. Congress named bourbon, America’s Native Spirit, but it wasn’t until 1999 when the Kentucky Distiller’s Association formed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This is where nine different […]

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Knoxville: It’s a helluva place to see live music

Knoxville, Tennessee is a city with a rich and unique musical heritage that is reverberated throughout all of the city’s diverse venues. Take a short stroll through the city’s downtown, and you will hear vibrant live music almost everywhere. In Knoxville, as well as any great music city, you have to get deep in the heart […]

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Itchin’ for Hot Chicken

If you lived in or within a 100 miles radius of Nashville in the past couple years, you know that hot chicken is becoming the trademark of Music City cuisine. The local favorite has become a go to for tourists and natives a like. East Nashville has even formed the East Nashville Hot Chicken coalition, […]

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Wine in Bourbon Country?

Are you someone that isn’t big on bourbon deep in Bourbon County? Well, you aren’t alone. Actually, Kentucky is home to over 60 wineries. Bullitt County, Kentucky, just 20 minutes from Louisville is the home to the world famous Jim Bean American Stillhouse, Four Roses Warehouse and Bottling Tour and four wineries. Here you can experience […]

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Such Classy Theaters For Such A Scruffy Appalachian Town

In the foothills of Appalachia, you’ll find an east Tennessee town with grit. It’s the kind of town that’s been around and seen some things. It’s adventurous and exciting. It’s raw, yet refined. The city is Knoxville, Tennessee, and this once rebellious frontier Appalachian town has matured. There is a sense of sophistication to the […]

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