Such Classy Theaters For Such A Scruffy Appalachian Town

In the foothills of Appalachia, you’ll find an east Tennessee town with grit. It’s the kind of town that’s been around and seen some things. It’s adventurous and exciting. It’s raw, yet refined. The city is Knoxville, Tennessee, and this once rebellious frontier Appalachian town has matured. There is a sense of sophistication to the […]

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The water just tastes sweeter in Atlanta

Everyone loves a good music festival, but when the music festival is thrown by a brewery, things start getting real. On April 17-19th, Atlanta will be home to the 11th Annual SweetWater 420 Festival, and the lineup this year is looking to be the best yet.

This Atlanta music festival started as a small intimate concert in Chandler […]

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5 Summer Beer Festivals You Need to Attend

Atlanta Summer Beer Fest- June 20, 2015

For the last 6 years, the Atlanta Summer Beer Fest has been combining the best craft beer and even better live music one event. This year the beer festival will be held this Saturday, June 20 at the Masquerade Music Park from 4 P.M. – 9 P.M. If you […]

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Everything you need to know for CMA Fest 2015

Since 2001, the second week of June has been a crazy time for downtown Music City. CMA Fest brings with it the sea of fans, range of musical acts, and an overall amazing experience. There is so much that goes on during CMA Fest it can be almost impossible to keep up with it all. […]

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5 Things to do in June

Sometimes the best things really do some in small packages. Here are four small towns you probably have never heard of, but should learn about and one city you may feel like you know everything about. All of the events are something fun for the whole family and the last one makes a perfect reason […]

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Insiders Tips To Nashville During CMA Fest

Being from Nashville, we know just how crazy downtown can get during CMA Fest. We have come up with a few insiders tips to making the best out of your town in the wonderful Nashville, Tennessee.

Since thousands of people will be flocking to the Broadway area for a short 4 days we suggesting making all […]

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CounterPoint Festival 2015

On the foothills of Southern Appalachia on the banks of the Etowah River about 50 miles northwest of Atlanta lies Rome, Georgia, and during a weekend in May, the bass drops and things start getting real. Since 2012, Rome, Georgia has been hosting the electronic antics that is Counterpoint Music and Art Festival. In a […]

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Bluegrass: It’s good for your soul.. food

Whatever stereotypes you think of with bluegrass music, forget them, there are only a couple shoe-less fiddlers. In reality, bluegrass musicians have a sort of grass-roots elegance. They’re classy and play a beautifully sophisticated style of music. Bluegrass musicians are extremely talented and the young up-and-coming groups are doing truly amazing things with this old […]

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Don’t Hangout with Catfish Joe

Is there anything better than a music festival? I mean you’re sipping delicious cold beverages on a beautiful spring afternoon while the constant sounds of your favorite bands’ tunes are filling the air. Is there anything really better than that? Yes. Yes, there actually is.You take the already amazing concept of a music festival and […]

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Let the Beale Street Beat Mmm… Dropp

You are about to experience sticky fingers and an uncontrollable urge to shake yo booty because oh lordy Memphis in May is almost here. And, like a gun starting off some sort of BBQ marathon, it starts off with a loud bang. That loud bang is the glorious 39th annual Beale Street Music Festival, and they […]

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