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Four Popular Restaurants to Visit in Historic Downtown Georgetown, KY

If you’re planning to visit Historic Georgetown, KY, there’s no doubt you’ll be in need of good places to eat during your stay. Georgetown has a growing food scene with amazing flavors and southern flair. If you find yourself in the area, you’ll definitely want to check out what the town has to offer when […]

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5 of the Best Food Trucks in Nashville

If you’re visiting Nashville, you should definitely try some of the town’s best restaurants, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you were to neglect the tasty food Nashville’s food trucks have to offer. From more variations of grilled cheese than you knew existed, to loaded burgers, to all things crepe, Nashville’s food trucks […]

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Cooking Up Deliciousness with Tennessee Whiskey

So you’ve been down the Tennessee Whiskey Trail and now you’ve got more whiskey than you know what to do with. Well instead of putting yourself through another hangover why not broaden your use of the fire water. Here are eight recipes that’ll make use of your whiskey.

Bourbon-Glazed Pork Belly Chunks

Bourbon’s slightly sweet nature lends […]

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Hops in the Hills Craft Brew Crawl & Poker Run

On Friday, June 23rd, the evening before the main events of Hops in the Hills, you won’t want to miss the Hops in the Hills Craft Brew & Poker Run, provided by Knox Brew Tours. If you’re around for the evening, this event will give you an opportunity to visit some of the best bars […]

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Historic Downtown Maryville — Explore, Dine, and Shop

If you’re planning to visit Maryville, TN for the Hops in the Hills Craft Beer Festival, as well as the other Summer on Broadway events, why not make a vacation out of it. The city of Maryville in East Tennessee has a rich history and beautiful landscape. It’s located near the Great Smoky Mountains National […]

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Hops in the Hills Craft Beer Festival: A Celebration of Fermentation

Maryville, Tennessee’s 3rd annual Hops in the Hills Craft Beer Festival is taking place Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th, 2017. This is an event that beer lovers won’t want to miss! Mark your calendars and make your way to Maryville to enjoy this two-day festival — or plan a week-long trip and explore […]

The Poke Salad Festival in Blanchard, Louisiana

Poke Salad Festival in Blanchard, LA is an annual celebration named after the plant Pokeweed, which grows in Louisiana and other parts of the United States. Poke Salad Festival honors this plant and brings people together from Blanchard and the greater Louisiana area for a wonderful celebration in May. The 43rd annual Poke Salad Festival […]

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The Heart of Virginia Festival in Farmville

The Heart of Virginia Festival in Farmville, VA has been going strong since 1978. What started as an amazing art show has grown to include so much more. With 10 different attractions offered on Saturday, May 6th, you won’t want to miss your opportunity to spend the day exploring The Heart of Virginia Festival. 

Start the […]

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10 Must-See Shopping and Dining Experiences in Downtown Clarksville

While the Rivers & Spires Festival offers plenty of entertainment and food options already, you may want to experience some local shopping and dining before and after the festival, especially if you are visiting for the whole weekend. The historic downtown of Clarksville offers many things to do such as visit historic sites and experience […]

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Explore Clarksville Like a Local at These 8 Awesome Attractions

Whether you are visiting Clarksville for a day or a whole weekend, this historic town has so much to offer that you can’t possibly do everything in a day! From historic sites to local attractions, you can always find something to do in Clarksville.

Customs House Museum and Cultural Center

Visit Tennessee’s second largest general museum to […]

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