Louisiana may be known for its history and festivals, but their food is definitely a feature you cannot forget. Their traditional Cajun style food has a kick you can’t find anywhere else which is why so many enjoy visiting their restaurants. When visiting Lafayette, there is no exception to this. Be sure to try out these southern style restaurants in Lafayette that will make your taste buds thank you. But be careful, the food might be so good you won’t want to leave!


Dwyer’s Cafe

This little mom and pop cafe may have been around since 1927, but the tasty food and friendly service hasn’t changed. For years this cafe has been run by generations of Dwyer family members, all of whom have one goal in mind: to provide the best Acadian home cooking at an affordable price. Voted by Times of Acadiana as “The Best Breakfast Location”, you know you’re going to love it here. Hurry in to try out breakfast specialties such as sweet potato pancakes, fluffy eggs, and fresh coffee. Breakfast ends at 11 am!

Rusted Rooster

Although Rusted Rooster is known for having tasty lunch options, their breakfast is equally as good (if not better). They take the classics such as biscuits and gravy, eggs, and bacon, and add a little twist to each meal. And for those who are looking to find a meal on the healthier side, don’t worry. Rusted Rooster has savory options for you that won’t break the scale. Take a look at their menu to get your order started.

Hub City Diner

Need a place to take the whole family for breakfast? Looking to take something home? Hub City Diner has what you need. This restaurant may have a classic, vintage diner theme that looks like something out of Happy Days, but it provides southern comfort food like no other diner. Try out their tasty beignet strips, massive pancakes, grits, Big Mike’s Special, and more when you stop in! See what they have to offer you and/or your family here .


Olde Tyme Grocery

When Olde Tyme Grocery was first purchased, it was nothing but a little store with aisles of canned goods and five small carts. Today, it is filled daily with hungry customers ready to devour the restaurant’s famous “poor boy” (a traditional sandwich in Louisiana filled with meat and served on a baguette). Choose from their eight different types of meat as well as seafood options or even try their specialty poor boys that make for a memorable lunch. For dessert, be sure to try out the snowballs at Murph’s Olde Tyme Snowball Stand located right behind the store. But hurry, they leave after September!

Bon Temps Grill

If you are looking for a lunch that is nothing but traditional Cajun style food, Bon Temps Grill is where you need to go. This restaurant, run by two brothers who grew up in Louisiana, has that kick that so many people talk about when trying out Cajun cuisine. And it’s not just their food so many people come in for, but their service as well. Bon Temps, which translates to “good times,” really does want you to have a good time when you are here. Not to mention their food, such as the crawfish pot pie and cajun jerk chicken, are lip-smacking good.

Blue Dog Cafe

Art and authentic Cajun cuisine come together in the Blue Dog Cafe which is, as you may have guessed, filled with Blue Dog artwork by George Rodriguez. If that and the live music doesn’t make you want to visit, the Cajun lunch will. Come in to try what Louisiana is best known for, such as their seafood gumbo, crab bisque, southern fried foods, and more. And don’t skip out on the dessert! If you are ready to spend your next lunch at Blue Dog, take a look at the menu here.


Bailey’s Seafood & Grill

Because of Lafayette’s proximity to the Gulf Coast, you’ll definitely want to have a meal revolving around the fresh seafood that’s available in this part of the United States. Bailey’s Seafood and Grill has been serving up amazing food in Lafayette since 1993. Restaurant Owner Ema Haq has received over 30 culinary awards, including the prestigious “Restaurateur of the Year.” With menu items such as Ruby Red Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Sea Scallops, and of course, Crawfish Cakes, you’ll definitely want to dine at Bailey’s Seafood & Grill while in the city.

Cafe Josephine

Cafe Josephine is a restaurant with a laid back and rustic environment, branding themselves as “food with attitude.” They live by the idea that good food takes time, and want their guests to understand this mentality. Guests are invited to come in and relax as they wait for their exceptionally delicious dishes to be prepared. With a Cajun influenced menu, they offer different types of seafood nachos, traditional gumbos and bisques, pasta dishes, steaks and more. With such a wide selection of food — there seems to be something for everyone to enjoy on the menu.

Cafe Vermilionville

Cafe Vermilionville has a traditional Louisiana menu with a few twists here and there. Some of their starters include a Foie Gras PB&J and Crawfish Beignets to give you an idea of some of the amazing flavor combinations and dishes they’ve created. From there, move on to their soups, gumbos, and entrees such as Grilled Ribeye, Macadamia Crusted Scallops, or the Coconut Snapper. For an extra special dinner, book a reservation for their Wednesday night Courtyard Concert Series which takes place from 6-9pm.

No matter where you decide to have your meals, there’s no shortage of delicious, Cajun-inspired restaurants in Lafayette. Come check it out for yourself! And don’t skip out on dessert.